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Post your Gcode questions here!

Hi Gcode users, post any questions / comments you have on Gcode in this forum. I monitor it daily...obviously if you have an immediate need contact us by phone!

I was looking through Gcode online and I did not see in vehicle search a list of cuts present per lock. Is that feature not supported in the online version or am I just not seeing it?


I think I understand that you are looking for the ability to progress a key...if that is the case, you would select "Cuts To Code" from the "Vehicle Search Results" page.

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Thanks but that is not what I meant. I was looking for a listing of tumblers present in each lock. For instance

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

DR/TR   x x x x x x

Ign            x x x x x x x

Sorry, tumbler info is not included yet but will be soon.

Has anyone else printed out Blitz machine cards from Genericode 18?

We are trying to cut off of a  card for a KK8-P key.

When we cut the key, it doesn't work.  We have tried this on several different Kia vehicles.

The printout seems to be stretched and not in perfect formation.

Please help with this.


Hello, does your card measure correctly on the outside dimensions? This year we switched to PDF cards (Adobe Acrobat should open when you go to print the card). When you print from Adobe, there is typically an option "Fit to page" which will size the card incorrectly. You would want to make sure it is set to original size or 100%. If that doesn't take care of it please call me at 989-354-5623.

Hi Phil, Im currently using ITL 9700A with Genericode 19.6.3 and am trying to send cuts for Medeco A1515 bi-axle to the ITL via the RS232 cable, but its not inputting the  cut angle. Is there a way to send it via genericode?

Also was wondering if you had API call that web developers could use if they were trying to implement Gcode from there web app (like in react native)?

Hello, at this time the auto angler for the 9700A is not supported. It may be in a future release but at this time it is not.

As for the API call I would have to send that question to our developer.