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Post your Gcode questions here!

Hi Gcode users, post any questions / comments you have on Gcode in this forum. I monitor it daily...obviously if you have an immediate need contact us by phone!

I was looking through Gcode online and I did not see in vehicle search a list of cuts present per lock. Is that feature not supported in the online version or am I just not seeing it?


I think I understand that you are looking for the ability to progress a key...if that is the case, you would select "Cuts To Code" from the "Vehicle Search Results" page.

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Thanks but that is not what I meant. I was looking for a listing of tumblers present in each lock. For instance

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

DR/TR   x x x x x x

Ign            x x x x x x x

Sorry, tumbler info is not included yet but will be soon.